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Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works

The enterprise has implemented the following standards:

  • “Safety Audits”
  • ‘The Procedure for accidents’ route causes identification”
  • “Works Execution Safety Analysis” is under implementation (Order ОД No.64 dd. 21.03.11). It is planned to accomplish the standard implementation process at the structural subdivisions of the Branch till the 1st of June 2011. 
  • The implementation of “Locking/Marking/Checking System” (LMC) was initiated in March.  To introduce the LMC System a set of works have been accomplished: the order was issued, working teams were organised, processes, equipment and the hazardous works, where LMC System is required, were identified and their quantity was specified as well. 
  • “Contractors Management” Standard has been preliminary studied by the Center of Competence of the Branch. Further work on the Standard implementation will be carried out upon the order issuing on the Standard introduction at PJSC Yenakiieve Steel.
  • Draft Standard «Requirements to special clothing, safety shoes and other personal protection equipment for the employees at the enterprise» has been forwarded to all structural subdivisions of the Branch for the further studying. Persons responsible for the orders timely placement in the IT-enterprise system have already been appointed.

Yenakiieve Steel Management exercises one of the basic human rights – to work in safe conditions. Being committed to this statement the work on respectable, safe and harmless working conditions and social guarantees provision is being constantly carried out for the employees in each structural subdivision.

Key priorities of the Company’s Job Safety and Health policy are as follows:

  • a set of organisational and technical measures implementation aimed at industrial injuries prevention;
  • industrial risks management using technical facilities and organisational measures;
  • all staff involvement into the process aimed at Job Safety and Health provision;
  • industrial injuries and occupational diseases rates reduction;
  • moral and financial motivation methods development and implementation meant to  improve Job Safety standards implementation by the employees of the enterprise;
  • staff training on the safe methods of labour organisation;
  • industrial safety improvement of the production facilities insuring their safe and trouble-free operation.

To enhance the efficiency of the industrial risks policy in 2006 Yenakiieve Steel management made a decision to implement Industrial Safety Management System in compliance with the standard OHSAS 18001-1999 and to carry out its certification by the international technical organisation “Bureau Veritas”.

In December 2007 Job Safety procedure of the Company has been certified in compliance with above-mentioned international standard, the conformity certificate has been obtained.  Yenakiieve Steel became the first Iron and Steel Works in Ukraine, which received such conformity certificate.

Industrial Safety Management System is an integrated part of the general Management System, which simplifies the Risk Management in Job Safety and Health spheres associated with the Company’s activity. It comprises organisational structure, planning, types of activities, procedures, working processes and resources to develop, implement, attain, analyze and maintain the Labour Safety and Health Protection organisation policy in the appropriate conditions.