Предприятия группы Метинвест Feedback

Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works

The Supervisory Board of METINVEST HOLDING, LLC has approved the enterprise development concept up to 2015 covering all steelmaking process stages and company infrastructure. One of the main objectives of the development is to introduce up-to-date, eco-efficient processes and decommission obsolete and deteriorated equipment.

In August 2007 construction of blast furnace No.3 complex with the inner volume of 1719 cbm was commenced. The new furnace will enable Yenakiieve Steel to double hot metal output: from 761 Ktonnes to 1.2 Mtonnes per year. Project investments will amount up to USD 227 M.

One more large-scale project of Yenakiieve Steel is the construction of a new sinter plant. So far Ukrainian State Scientific and Engineering Center "Energostal", (Kharkov) has accomplished еру feasibility study of the new sinter plant project. The supplier of engineering and major process equipment has already been chosen. It is a German company «Siemens VAI» which is a worldwide leader in sinter plant construction.

As a result of comprehensive technical upgrading programme fulfillment the Сompany will step into a new phase of progress and will be virtually a new production site operating in conformity with European Laws standards and requirements.