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The main kinds of Yenaliieve Steel products are merchant pig iron, concast billet, rolled product for concrete structures reinforcement and shapes.

Concast square billet

Production of concast billet incorporates steel melting in a BOF vessel, steel treatment at the ladle furnaces and casting at the Continuous Casting Machines (CCMs). The sections of produced concast billet are 100x100, 120x120, 125x125, 130x130, 140x140, 150x150 mm of steel grade GR40, GR60, SAE 1008, SAE 1010. Supplied billets are of 6000, 9000-12000 m length. 

Rolled sections and shapes

Rolled sections and shapes produced by the Works, hold a stable position both at the domestic and external steel products markets. The range of heavy, medium and light rolled sections includes rounds  and rebar, angles, beams, channels of different sizes as well as special shapes for construction and shipbuilding, transport and general machine building, mining industry.   


Light section mill “280” is specialised at production of deformed bars No. 10, 12, 14 mm to reinforce concrete structures. Rebar is supplied to a customer as 6-12 m length rod. Rebar of A400C, A500C classes is hot rolled and heat-straightened.

Equal and unequal steel angles

Equal angles No.4 (wing of 4-5 mm width) and No.5 (wing of 4-6 mm width), unequal angles No. 6, ¾ (wing of 5-8 mm width) are produced at the mill “360”. Cut length is 4-7.5 m.

Equal angles No.9 (wing of 7-9 mm width) and No.10 (wing of 7-12 mm width) are produced at the mill “550”. Cut length is 4-9 m.

The products are manufactured of steel grades Ст3пс-сп, Ст5пс-сп, 09Г2, etc.

Bulb flat for shipbuilding

Mill “550” produces nonsymmetrical and symmetrical bulb flats for shipbuilding (No. 10, 12, 14а, 14б, 16а, 16б, 18а, 18б, 1235, 1446, 14455, 1646). Shapes cut length is 4-9 m, and they are mainly produced of steel classes: A, A32, Д32, Д40.

Channels and I-beams

At the mill “550” “Yenakiieve Steel” produces channels of П-type section (No. 10П, No.12П) with parallel wings sides, channels with turned down wing (СП-10, СП-12) for trolleys. Cut length is 4-9 m. It is produced of steel grades Ст3пс-сп, Ст5пс-сп, etc.

Moreover, mill “550” manufactures I-beams No.10, 12, which are used in large-panel, industrial and civil construction for roofs, colonnaded steel structures, bridgeworks, supports and overhead runways.  

Narrow tracks rails

Initially the main product type of Yenakiieve Steel was narrow track rails. In the course of over 110 years from the day of enterprise foundation the range of manufactured products was changing. Nowadays Yenakiieve Steel continues manufacturing narrow track rails of P18 type. This product is used for laying at the narrow track railways and at underground railways in mines.

Shapes for elevators tracks

PJSC Yenakiieve Steel is one of a few enterprises that manufacture a unique product: shapes No.3 and No.3a for elevators tracks of steel grades 20, 30 GOST 1050-88.


Mill “390” (continuous section mill)

Mill’s product mix:

  • rebar No.No.10-32 of strength grades A240C-F500C made of commercial quality and low-alloyed steel grades for welding frameworks of concrete structures in bundles up to 10 t. The mill is equipped with a rod counter which allows fulfilling orders with fixed amount of rods in a bundle;
  • 10…60 mm diam. Rounds of standard accuracy made of commercial quality (for augers manufacture) and high-alloyed (for grinding balls manufacture) steel grades in coils up to 10 t;
  • equal angles of commercial quality steel grades from 25x25x3…4 till 63x3x4…6 according to DSTU (Ukrainian State Standartisation System) 4484:2005 / GOST (State Standard) 535-2005. “Herringbone” laying is possible.

Compliance certificates for rebar manufactured at Makiivka Branch PJSC “Yenakiieve Steel” with DSTU 3760-2006 standard and Byelorussian standard STB 1704-2006 requirements has been received.

A procedure of rebar of A500C class certification according to Russian standards GOST Р 52544-2006 and STO ASChM 7-93 (Standard of enterprises and organisations association carrying out standartisation of ferrous metallurgy products) has been accomplished.   

Mill “150” (continuous rod mill)

Mill product range:

5.5-12.5 mm wire rod in coils up to 2 t of standard accuracy:

  • of commercial quality steel grades according to DSTU 2770-94 / GOST 30136-95 (Ст1-Ст3), ASTM A510M-03 (SAE 1006-1018) to redraw to wire and other application;
  • of carbon and high-carbon steel grades according to GOST 1050-88 and GOST 14959-79 ASTM A510M-03 (SAE 1045-1080) to redraw to wire for ropes manufacture;
  • of low-carbon and alloyed steel for welding wire manufacturing according to TU (Technical Spec.) У 27.1-0019319-1280-2002 of steel grades Св-07, Св-07А, Св-07Г1НМ, Св-07Г1НМА.
  • sorbitized wire rod for metal cord according to TU У 27.1-0019319-1327-2004 of steel grades 70 крд, 75 крд, 80 крд, 85 крд;

The products are certified in compliance with ASTM A510M-03, DIN EN 10016-1, -2, GOST 14959-79, DSTU 2770-94 / GOST 30136-95.

In March 2010 TUV THURINGEN has carried out a certification of quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements. The compliance certificate has been obtained on 07.04.2010.  

Within the framework of preparation for certification by “INTERSERT-UKRAINE”, LLC the 1st and 2nd stages of certification auditing have been carried out receiving auditors’ recommendation to issue the certificate.

In compliance with ISO 9001 the following were developed:

  • Quality manual
  • Five documented procedures of quality system