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Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works

Yenakiieve Steel is the biggest industrial enterprise in Yenakiieve. That’s why the Companies undertake the commitments for the environmental conditions monitoring and harmful effect abatement. This activity is executed by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD).

During last six years the enterprises have been successfully carrying out the technical upgrading policy, which considers Environmental Protection European standards. Searching for ecological issues solutions is carried out in two ways:

  • technological associated with the searching and implementation of resources-, energy saving and low-wastes technologies;
  • economic solutions for nature protection facilities and technologies, catching and neutralising the harmful air emissions, discharges into water, industrial and domestic wastes.

The starting point for this plan implementation was the construction of the 1st Continuous Casting Machine with Ladle Furnace launched in 1999. In 2004 Continuous Casting Machine-2 was commissioned.

Continuous Casting Machines enabled not only to switch to the brand-new billet production practice, but also to increase the finished products output and significantly reduce the air emissions.

Blast Furnace No.5 complex involves powerful highly-efficient top gas dedusting systems and aspiration systems for bin trestle, cast house, pellets and coke stockyard. 

In autumn 2007 the draft project of the environmental protection programme up to 2015 issued by Yenakiieve Steel has been unanimously accepted by the deputies at the regular session of the Yenakiieve Municipal Council. This project is an integral part of the large-scale reconstruction programme of Yenakiieve Steel being incorporated into Development Strategy Plan of Metinvest Holding.

  • Yenakiieve Steel Ecological Programme comprises 2 main parts: fundamental upgrading of the production facilities and highly-efficient production wastes recovery.
  • Within the scope of the first approach a range of the large-scale measures are planned, such as modern BF-1 and BF-3 dedusting systems, gas cleaning system for the Sinter Plant, BOF vessels boilers upgrading. Altogether 17 environmental protection measures intended to reduce the air emission rates, discharges into water and soil more than twofold are scheduled.
  • The target of the second approach is maximum production wastes recovery. Particularly, the integrated sludge collector reconstruction has been started, sulfury pump station dam upgrading is in progress. It will allow eliminating the Bulavin river pollution by hydrogen sulphide. Yenakiieve Steel plans to recover the native landscape in Belikov Yar gully by the damaged soils reclaiming. 

Also in 2008 Yenakiieve Steel launched up «Zelenoe kol’tso» programme, under which it is planned to arrange green spaces at the enterprise territory and its neighboring sites. In April 2008 the programme was started with 40 trees planting in the park of the enterprise. Furthermore, Yenakiieve Steel supported the activity of the fruit gardens planting in 4 schools. The Works presented the first arboretum in the town to the Ecological and Naturalist Center of students.

We are aware that large-scale addressing the environmental protection issues performed in a timely fashion is not only a guarantee of our employees and citizens being healthy and our economy being under development, but it is a question of future generations’ existence.

Our Makiivka Branch implements the town’s ecology improvement programme on a regular basis as well.

Ecological activities implementation in 2010:

  • Recycling pond No.1 was cleaned from sludge deposits. The volume of the extracted sludge came to 65-70 K m3.
  • Water protection zone arrangement has been accomplished at the Gruzskaya river. The arrangement costs amounted to UAH 229.0 K.
  • Blast Furnace slag from Blast Furnace Shop slag dumps was sold to the customer. Accumulated wastes volume reduced by 64813.0 tonnes.
  • Scale transfer (including previously piled) to the customers for further processing amounted to 109.0 % against its generation volume. Stockpiling decreased by 20151.136 tonnes.

Ecological activities implementation in Q1 2011:

  • Recycling pond No.1 was cleaned from sludge deposits. UAH 310.4 K was disbursed. The works are in progress.
  • Water protection zone arrangement has been accomplished at the Gruzskaya river with disbursement of UAH 156.1 K. The works are in progress.
  • Preliminary works on BOF slag processing at Grigoryevskikh dumps are being carried out.
  • Preliminary works on the separate solid domestic wastes collection method introduction are being carried out.