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Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works

The terms of social policy are set forth in the Collective Labour Agreement and Industry Agreement that are concluded by Administration and Trade Union Committee on the annual basis. In addition to the social protection provided mandatorily in accordance with the requirements of legislation, Yenakiieve Steel voluntarily secures the Company’s workers and their families with different types of social assistance and social payments.

Social protection of the worker is one of the prime factors that affect a Company's image. Wages are paid in line with the legislation requirements, full utilization of labour time, work result bonuses and holiday bonuses, medical insurance, providing with partially paid trip vouchers.

The company invests funds intensively in areas such as “Job Safety”, “Social Labour Guarantees and Benefits”, “Youth”, “Veterans”, “Culture”, “Sport” that are of current interest to all Company’s employees.

According to the Collective Labour Agreement the benefit package includes the following:

  • Reward of company workers for the attainment of the best production and quality parameters, payment of anniversary bonuses.
  • Bonuses for staff of shops-winners that take part in the review competition “Quality is everybody's concern”.
  • Providing a medical examination of the Company’s workers in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.
  • Funds allocation to the Works’ Veterans  Council to pay welfare assistance.
  • Fuel distribution for domestic needs of the Company’s workers, retired employees and dependents on the deceased veterans of war whose last place of employment prior to the retirement was the Works.

The company provides recreational opportunities for the workers and their families, as well as retired persons whose last place of employment prior to the retirement was the Works in the health centers such as “Rubin”, “Luch”, “Shalash” and what is more - on the Crimean coast. There is an opportunity to visit the Svyatogorsk Health Center “Iskra” for people who like taking a breath of the air with curative aroma of pine-needles, picking mushrooms or pacifically watching for hours a dragon-fly sitting on the float (when you are fishing).

The company provides recreational opportunities for children of the employees in the Children Health Center named after V. Dubinin with partial payment in amount of 10 % of the original voucher price.

There is a rest and recreation centre in Makiivka for health support of the Company’s workers, where they can undergo medicated, physiotherapeutic and water treatment all year round, as well as they can receive foam - , aero-, ion- , phyto-, diet-, laser and acupuncture therapy, and all types of massage therapy as well.

There are different opportunities for people who like water and salt procedures as well as basking in the sunshine during a summer recreation season.

During autumn, winter and spring one can also find some activities to occupy his or her leisure. Sports tournaments, comps, Club of the Funny and Inventive, subject and festivous evenings, fashion theatre.

We can name some of them: the subject evening “A woman is the genius of pure beauty”, “Seasons of the year” - the summary concert of the amateur talent groups of the Culture Center and others. The doors of the Culture Centre are always wide open for the Company’s workers, for their children and for townsfolk as well.

The company provides the following leisure activities for children of the workers: in summer they can rest at children health centers and all year round they can attend the Young Technicians’ Club, hobby groups. Children's New Year matinees take place at the Culture Center “Metallurg” and children certainly get presents.