Предприятия группы Метинвест Feedback


The policy of Corporate Social Responsibility provides the opportunity to render financial help to healthcare and educational institutions, sports organisations, children’s homes and to individual persons living in hard conditions in order to carry out cultural, educational, social and sports activities.

“University - Works” Programme

To train the future enterprise workers Yenakiieve Steel cooperates with educational institutions of all accreditation levels. Yearly the students of specialised schools, colleges, technical schools, institutes, universities and academies pass practical training at the enterprise structural subdivisions.

The specialists of PJSC Yenakiieve Steel training centre work in a close cooperation with all municipal educational institutions that train specialists for metallurgical field.

In spring 2008 PJSC Yenakiieve Steel and Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Technical School have signed a protocol of intent named “Growing together!”. Within the programme framework an active dialog is being conducted between the parties: the Works forwards enquiries on specialties under interest and vacant positions; an educational institution recommends a student for training and further employment. Studying of enterprise workers, vocational and technical schools leavers at higher-educational establishments at the account of the Company is carried out in line with the Programme of specialists sending to the higher-educational institutions meeting the structural subdivisions needs in high-qualified specialists.       


“School – Higher Educational Establishment - Works” Programme

Taking into consideration that the future staff turnover should be trained starting from school, the enterprise cooperates with School No.108, Makiivka vocational metallurgical school No. 66 and Makiivka Iron and Steel tecnical school as regards workers training on the occupation the Company is interested in. The company will provide financial support for workshops equipping, educative literature purchasing and industrial training organisation in return of the workers of hard-to-find occupations with advanced knowledge of profession-oriented subjects.

It is planned to involve the teachers and students of the given educational institutions in the scientific, holiday and sports activities carried out by the Works.

Veterans Union

The enterprise honours and respects its former workers who are the members of the Veterans Union. 6478 of our former honorable colleagues were registered in 2011. Benefits and guaranties set forth in the Collective agreement are partially applied to them.

Veterans can use an opportunity to improve their health at a rest and recreation centre and at the summer recreation facility “Iskra” in Svyatogorsk.

Every year on the military memorable days the trips to Saur-mogila memorial are organised for the war veterans.

A privileged subscription for “Kirovets MMZ” newspaper helps to keep the veterans informed about events involving the company’s employees and remind them of the former working days.

In 2010 UAH 190 K were spent on the organisation of all activities as well as on the direct financial support of the Veterans Union.

Work with young people

Administration and the Trade Union Committee carry out the activities on social and economic protection of young workers, support their creative initiative and activity boosting in addressing the production and social issues.

Appointed tutors from the high-qualified specialists will help the newcomers to establish a contact with the employees.  

An entire section in the Collective Agreement is dedicated to the Company’s young workers. There are competitions on professional skills of key specialties, competitions for young workers as regards creative work in research and development, labour competition for “The best enterprise worker” title, sports events, competitions and entertaining cultural programmes.

The colors of ore, flame and metal

Metinvest Group holds competition named “The colors of ore, flame and metal” for the best piece of art devoted to mining and steelmaking as well as coal industry within the framework of corporate social programme “The world of opportunities” meant for work with young people.

The competition provides opportunities for young gifted artists to show one’s worth in developing an industrial topic, to present their works at an exhibition and publish them in a catalogue.

Sports programmes. “Child football”

An important part of the Yenakiieve Steel Social Responsibility Programme is the popularisation of healthy life-style.

The team of the Company’s Physical Activity Union unites the fastest, the bravest and the agilest sportsmen. More than 3 000 people go info sports in numerous sports groups. Traditional football, basketball and volleyball competitions, “Heroic Games”, competitions on arm wrestling, chess and draughts tournament are held for the Work’s cup.

One of the striking examples of our social policy is the foundation of Higher physical culture school affiliate. In autumn 2007 the Company management initiated a foundation of an affiliate of Child and teenage sports academy PJSC Yenakiieve Steel FC “Shakhtar” based upon Works’ sport team. Over 200 boys from Yenakiieve and neighboring towns are engaged, and their success can be seen even today.

USD 1 Mio was invested to this project out of the enterprise funds. In 2009 the Yenakiieve football affiliate expanded its field: Child and teenage sports academy started its work in Gorlovka and Artemovsk.

The material basis of the academy was also strengthened. Two mini football pitches and one big pitch with artificial surface have been constructed and are in use. For safe transportation of Yenakiieve academy sportsmen to away matches the enterprise has purchased a big comfortable 50 seats bus.

Sport programmes are also developed in Makiivka. The employees can go into climbing, basketball, volleyball, arm wrestling, weights lifting etc.

Yearly the Company holds a sports contest on 12 kinds of sports (the 54th in 2011).

The enterprise team participates in sports contests on 9 kinds of sports that are held under the guidance of Donetsk regional Trade Union Committee, and always gets the winning places. 1st team placing in 2005-2008 and 2nd in 2009-2010.

In 2010 our team became a champion of sports contest among trade-unions and metallurgists of Ukraine Central Committee in the third group (up to 5 000 participants) on basketball, field-and-track cross country, table tennis, chess, weights lifting and arm wrestling. 2nd place in volleyball and mini-football.

In 2011 a long-term corporate programme “Child football development” was adopted by Metinvest Executive Board, considering the purposeful funding from enterprises, to develop child football in the presence regions.