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Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works

Metinvest grant helps install irrigation system in central Yenakiieve square

6 November 2013

A grant from Metinvest Group's "We Improve the City" social program was used to install a quality, modern sprinkler system in the central G. Beregovoy square in Yenakiieve.

Employees of the Green Property utility company of the Yenakiieve City Council initiated the project. The project’s total budget, paid for by the city administration, Metinvest Group, and Yenakiieve Steel was more than UAH 51,000.

The sprinkler system will supply water to flower beds along the Alley of Heroes, Lenin Square, and green spaces in the G. Beregovoy garden.

"Cooperation between the city and the plant has very favourable for us,” said Evgeniy Eremchenko, head of Green Property. “Our trees have been suffering without centralized irrigation, and it is very difficult to even evaluate the benefit of this system. Now we are working on a new project to supply water from the centralized irrigation system to Lenin Avenue. This will make the city more beautiful, be good for the plants and looks good to eyes."

The irrigation system has been blown out and is now sealed off until spring. It will be switched on in April.

The "We Improve the City" grant program is part of the social partnership agreement between Metinvest Group, Yenakiieve Steel, and the Yenakiieve City Administration. This program was launched in 2011. Eight social projects, which received grants totalling UAH 520,000, were implemented in Yenakiieve through the program in 2011-2012.

Yenakiieve is one of the greenest cities in Donetsk region. It planted 150 roses, 400 chrysanthemums and about 900 ornamental trees – birches, rowan trees, bird cherries, ailantuses, lilacs, staff trees and thujas in 2013.

For editors:

Yenakiieve Steel is one of the world leaders in square billets production. The Group is comprised of PJSC “Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works” and Ukrainian-Swiss Joint Venture “Metalen” LLC, which both carry out economic activity at common production facilities and have united production cycle. The company produces cast billet, rebar and various rolled sections (beams, channels, angles, etc.) as well. Yenakiieve Steel is a part of Metinvest Group’s Metallurgical Division.

Metinvest is vertically integrated group of mining and steel making companies managing assets in each step of production chain starting from iron ore materials and coke mining ending with semi-finished products and finished steel products, pipes and coils as well as other value-added products. The Group consists of mining and steel making facilities located in Ukraine, Europe and USA and has sales network covering all key world markets. Major Metinvest’s shareholders are SCM Group (75%) and Smart-Holding (25%) managing the Company jointly.