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Yenakiieve Steel spent over UAH 76 million for Employees’ Social Protection

22 August 2013

Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works summarized the result of activities carried out under Collective Labor Agreement for the first semester 2013. The benefits and guarantees stipulated by the Agreement cover 7,2 th. of currently employed workers and 11 thousand of the Works’ veterans. Over UAH 76 mln. have been allocated to support Yenakiieve Steel employees as of the last six months.

Collective Labor Agreement set forth voluntary commitments of the Works management to the employees. Under the Agreement all the employees can fully rely upon the Works for fringe benefits and compensations, such as paid special leave or production bonuses. For the last six months about UAH 31 mln. was allocated to pay out the bonuses.

Furthermore, Yenakiieve Steel provides insurance for 100% of its employees who shall get compensation not only in case of health problems, but also when dismissing or retiring. For the last two quarters of the year the company supported 558 workers with material aid.

“Survivorship and pension benefits, accident, critical disease or disability benefits are just minor support the company may provide to its employees. We keep on developing the system of social benefits and guarantees”, says Alexander Podkorytov, General Director of PJSC Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works.

Advanced social privileges are granted to the members of Yenakiieve Steel Trade Union. They can recreate at any of Metinvest resorts and buy trip vouchers for their children to V. Dubinin recreation camp at a special price.

Oksana Maksakova, Sinter Plant batcher, Manager of Trade Union Group No.4:
- Yenakiieve Steel workers and management act as a team in a common striving to build stable and efficient enterprise. The results of the first half of 2013 allowed providing each employee with full range of social protection under the Collective Labor Agreement. The upmost tasks are currently reached as major revamping of the Works is in progress and Metinvest Group starts construction of new state-of-the-art Sinter Plant, complying with International Environmental Legislation, which will be our new workplace.

The Collective Labor Agreement is being applied at Yenakiieve Steel for over 35 years and is signed on an annual basis. Despite global economic crisis and tough situation on international steel markets Yenakiieve Steel managed to maintain all the items of the Agreement unchanged and to provide social protection for both the employees and veterans.

Vasiliy Bykov, Chairmen of Works’ Veterans Council:
- Our veterans feel constant backing of the Works they used to work at. Our Council receives money on a monthly basis to pay out welfare assistance for those veterans who lack social protection. The Works management transferred UAH 80 th. to the Works’ Veterans Council to provide one-time payment to veterans of war and widows of diseased veterans on the eve of the Victory Day. Five times per month we are provided with transport to visit our wards that are cured in a hospital or can’t go out for medical reasons or just live alone. Each month two veterans of war take treatment in Mariyno Hospital for Veterans of War at the Yenakiieve Steel expenses. Following the order of Alexander Podkorytov, PJSC Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works, since September five veterans, instead of two, get an opportunity to improve their health at Solnechnyy health and recreation center in Makiivka for free. To bring liveliness to the veterans’ everyday routine the Works initiates sightseeing tours across the Donetsk region, and in summer we often go to Rubin resort in Sviatogorsk.
Within the framework of “Say Hello to Veteran!” Project our volunteers, together with members of Youth Organization, visit veterans who celebrate jubilee. We bring them flowers, presents and our care which is, of course, the most important for any elderly person.

Collective Labor Agreement by Yenakiieve Steel also provides support for young employees. With Yenakiieve Steel assistance members of Youth Organization arrange charity events, carry out social projects, sport and art competitions and actively cooperate with Works’ Veterans Council and Red Cross Organization. They have already carried out such projects as “Present a Book to a Child”, “Change a Cigarette to a Candy”, “It is a High Honor to be a Donor” and many others. In February Yenakiieve Steel Youth Organization delivered UAH 10 th. to a child suffered burn.

Andrey Streltsov, member of Yenakiieve Steel Youth Organization:
- Yenakiieve Steel Youth Organization backed by the Works has managed to deliver lots of good deeds for the last six months. We meet veterans, help children to overcome bad habits and start living healthy, we often go hiking ourselves and participate in brain rings. This is only possible owing to Yenakiieve Steel which fulfills its commitment under Collective Labor Agreement in full.