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Art Therapy for Women and Children with Special Needs in Yenakievo

14 August 2013

This is the fourth time Metinvest has launched “We Improve Our Town with Our Own Hands” Programme in Yenakievo. Seven social projects are to be carried out under this programme in 2013. “Women’s Union of Ukraine” Municipal Organization was the first to start up its project.

Yenakievo women called their pet project “From Senses to Masterpiece”. It is aimed to help children and adults in achieving self-harmony by means of intuitive painting. The first art therapy session within the project frameworks was organized by Yenakievo women for the members of “Gratsyya” Public Association of Women with Special Needs.

As Natalya Gerasimeko, Project Manager, highlighted at the session the intuitive painting does not require any special artistic skills.

- Anyone who is striving to get rid of fears and to attain sense of freedom may resort to this therapy, - Natalya Vladimirovna addressed to her mentees while the session. – When one makes the right brain, which is responsible for our senses, work intensively his or her life takes more flavour and zest. It also helps to increase body tolerance, stress resistance and to accelerate recovery processes. A sheet of paper, paints and free imagination is a simple toolkit which helps to bring about positive mood, creativity, intuition, harmony and happiness.

During the session which lasted for an hour and a half the women who have already got their share of worries and sorrows learned eight painting techniques. Everyone was pleased with the results of the art therapy. Liubov Orlik, Chairperson of “Gratsyya” Public Association, who joined her colleagues while the session, voiced her impression:

- The time devoted to the painting will definitely bring big rewards. You will not only get admire of your relatives and friends, but will also achieve self-confidence, energy and optimism boost. Today each of us has experienced again those vivid emotions which used to give us joy in carefree days of childhood. Each of us has managed to believe that she is able to create her own destiny the same easily as she created her painting.

Participants of the art therapy session showed their appreciation to Nina Budarina and Natalya Gerasimenko who draw up the project as well as to Metinvest Group who made them a wonderful gift of true happiness. They also made an arrangement for the next session. The following stage of the project aims to involve children from boarding-schools.

- The global goal of “We Improve Our Town with Our Own Hands” Programme is to give an opportunity to each Yenakievo citizen to develop his or her potential. Everyone has got equal chances to do that. The only you need is to have an ambitious goal and to strive in achieving it. Lots of citizens have already brought their dreams into life during three years the programme has been being carried out and have provided benefits to the community. I am sure that such kind of projects as the art therapy sessions will help to create more positive living environment in Yenakievo, - highlighted Alexander Podkorytov, General Director of PJSC Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works.

This year each of seven winning organizations in Yenakievo has got UAH 50 th. under “We Improve Our Town with Our Own Hands” Programme by Metinvest. That allows them to arrange a basketball court, to create a Youth Brass Band, to install a climbing wall and to fulfill many other projects.