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School seniors and students learn about steelmaking

2 July 2013

In June 2013 “Open Day” Career Guidance Project was launched at Yenakiieve Steel, Metinvest Group. It is aimed at introducing seniors and students of Yenakievo educational establishments to the Works and steelmaking occupations. The project was triggered by Yenakiieve Steel Youth Committee.

Eleven prospective school-leavers from Educational Establishment No. 5 happened to be the first visitors. Any of them had never visited Yenakievo core enterprise before.

“According to the “Open Day” schedule school seniors, colleges and technical schools students were to get maximum positive experience and information about shops, learn about process flowchart and technology innovations. It is crucial to show young citizens that our Works is heading for modernization, state-of-the-art facilities are being built, the existing plants and machinery are being revamped. Students’ attention was drawn to the fact that it is exactly an environmental effect which is the key element of any project carried out within Yenakiieve Steel”, - says Tatyana Pobedinskaya, leader of Youth Organization.

Works tour started at The Museum of Yenakiieve Steel History. Then students were provided with protective clothes and personal protective equipment as well as site safety briefing. Yuriy Zbandut, a member of Youth Committee, chaperoned a group.

Being a heart of any steelmaking enterprise, Blast Furnace Shop was the first area to welcome our visitors. BF no.3 operation was shown to young Yenakievo citizens. At the Control Room they were watching the operation of environmentally reliable Ironmaking facility in live mode. Through the tuyere glass students could glance at a melting process in the shaft and then at the cast house they were witnessing a breathtaking iron tapping. At the Basic Oxygen Shop seniors were watching the BOF vessels and continuous casting machines operations. Finally at Rolling Mill-550 they learnt how a red-hot billet is transformed into the finished rolled product.

- When we left the Works after the 3-hour visit I found that children were impressed and eagerly exchanging the information. A consolidated opinion was expressed with a single word “Super”, - comments Marina Azarova, class tutor. – During this visit seniors learnt that our Works, which has already been operating for more than 100 years, is obtaining up-to-date look. The enterprise is being developed, production process is being upgraded with respect to the best technologies for emission abatement and workplaces are getting more and more comfortable. It reveals promising future for Yenakievo. After summer holidays the prospective school-leavers will be deeply concerned about their future career. I hope that most of them will dedicate their lives to the hot works.

A week later students and teachers from College of Economics and Management followed the same route. A lot of school seniors and students are to visit Yenakiieve Steel by the end of this year.

Each Yenakiieve Steel visitor has got a souvenir with Metinvest logo.