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Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works

Yenakiievo Town Councilors approved Environmental Programme by Yenakiieve Steel

30 November 2012

Plan of technical activities for 2013 – 2017 by PJSC Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works aimed to stabilise environment situation in Yenakiievo has got an approval of Yenakiievo Town Councilors. The amended document was read at the 29th regular session of Town Council and approved with due regards being paid to the monitoring procedures of programme piecemeal implementation by the working group comprised of councilors, environment specialists and public representatives.

The Environment Programme, composed of 28 activities, is focused on air and water pollution control within the town as well as sustainable utilisation and storage of Yenakiieve Steel production wastes and by-products. The key objects of the programme are Sinter Plant and Basic Oxygen Furnace Shop.

Yenakiieve Steel Sinter Plant currently sees two major activities. One of them is multicyclone dust collector replacement of sinter machine No.4 which will be finished by mid-December. Multicyclone dust collector at sinter machine No.1 will be replaced in 2013. At the same time the activities for new Sinter Plant construction project, which will comply with International Environmental Regulations, are in progress. In March 2013 basic design stage will be accomplished and the project will undergo a series of different state expert reviews to get a construction permit. In 2014 new Sinter Plant construction is to be started. Currently the site construction preparation is under preparation.

It is planned to carry out BOF vessel No.1 major overhaul at BOF shop with replacement of water-heating cooler and gas exhaust duct. That will enable to reduce air emission by 140 t/year. Similar repair activity is now carrying out at BOF vessel No.3 and the previous year it was done for BOF vessel No.2.

Main focuses of water pollution control are remediation of Bulavin River channels and creation of protected shoreline belt. Another activity is construction of cleaning systems at Works waste water outlets to Bulavin River where metering devises to monitor discharged water volume will be installed.

In the framework of production wastes sustainable utilisation and storage it is planned to finish in 2013 sludge collector revamping which will allow reducing of sludge disposal by 2459 th. m3/year.

“We are willing to accommodate all the citizens and town councilors, - said Alexander Podkorytov, General Director of PJSC Yenakiieve Steel, in his statement during Yenakiievo Municipal Council session. – We are ready to show construction site which is now being prepared for the new Sinter Plant. By the next session we will provide a movie where the detailed technical characteristics of the new object will be demonstrated visually”.