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Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works

Metinvest is ready to work with Makiivka community

9 August 2012

Social partnership based on the particular projects – this is the foundation for Metinvest cooperation with cities’ communities of Metinvest presence. This topic was discussed during workshop, being held this week in Makiivka City Council, by local authorities, city councilors and non-profit organisations of Makiivka. The meeting was held within the scope of “City-Works” agreement signed between Makiivka authorities and PJSC Yenakiieve Steel in June 2012.

Metinvest commits itself to create comfortable conditions for Makiivka people in the following areas: health care, water supply, socially significant infrastructure, business environment and education development. Any projects and ideas can be developed and proposed for implementation for each of these areas. Only the most significant projects will receive funding, and their efficacy will be determined by the expert council, including representatives from Metinvest, local authorities, city councilors, municipal enterprises and organisations of Makiivka. Citizen’s action groups have to finalise their ideas in the form of projects and put in applications by the end of August. Then in September they are going to advocate their projects, and at that time funding scope will be defined.  

Moreover, Metinvest intends to attract all Makiivka citizens to social partnership-2013 programme. Non-profit organisations and Makiivka people have an opportunity to take part in the infrastructure competition “We improve our town with our own hands”, which proved its success and is being implemented for the second year in a row in Yenakiievo and other cities of Metinvest presence.    

Among the key indicators of partner funding projects selection Metinvest outlined four major components: economic effect, social return (given services quality), funding (co-funding, share interest) and plan’s viability.    

«Our goal is to bring cities of Metinvest present into line with European cities as regards comfort level, - emphasised Polina Shagenko, Head of CSR administration and non-financial statements of Metinvest Holding, LLC.  – We are ready to invest not only infrastructure projects, but intellectual ones. Especially, if such projects will foresee engaging community into the process of their implementation, as no one, but citizens themselves know better problems of their residential districts».

It worth reminding that budget of social partnership-2012 exceeded UAH 2m. These funds will be allocated to landscape Makiivka sites, invest into health care, culture, sports and education objects. Major portion of funds will be earmarked for the large-scale projects: construction of big state-of-the-art football pitch with artificial surface and capital repair of Dvorets metallurgov (culture centre) roof.   

For editors:

Contest for the best social project among nonprofit organisations, municipal authorities and local residents is carried out within the framework of the corporate social programme «We improve out town with our own hands». Programme’s goal is to spur social activity of locals and support implementing urgent projects aimed at improving social environment quality in regions of Metinvest presence.

In 2011 Yenakiievo and Krivoy Rog (residential community Ingulets) were chosen as pilot regions to implement this programme. Authorised representatives of PJSC “Inguletsk Mine and Enrichment Plant” and PJSC “Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works” together with local councils manage this programme. In 2012 this contest will be held at all Metinvest assets in the cities of Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Lugansk regions.