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Yenakiieve Steel welcomed the Ukrainian nationwide Forum of Blast Furnace Operators

26 March 2012

Fundamental revamping of Yenakiieve Steel Blast Furnace Shop, Metinvest Group, spurred Best Practices School renewing with Blast Furnace Shops Managers from Ukrainian steelmaking Works involving after a 7-years recess. Representatives of the leading design institutes, Ironmakers’ Association, Metallurgprom alliance and supply companies, together with manufactures were present at Ukrainian nationwide Forum of blast furnace operators, held on March, 22 at Yeankiieve Steel.

During the meeting 32 eminent blast furnaces operators and beginners discussed ways of this process stage further development on the basis of successful practice of Yenakiieve Steel, Metinvest Group. Of course ironmakers visited blast furnaces No.3 and No.5 to see with their own eyes the state-of-the-art units which made Yenakiieve Steel BF Shop a leader of   steelmaking as regards level of equipment, technical and economic indicators and production culture.

«Guests were interested in every detail of our subdivision operation, told Yenakiieve Steel BF Shop Manager Aleksandr Kuznetsov. -  All best practices introduced at BF-3 were discussed very actively.  Shop’s personnel (line managers, support process engineers, and maintenance staff) was highly praised as well.   They showed their high-level qualification answering numerous questions raised by guests and demonstrating capabilities of equipment in operation. Visitors also noted perfect production culture».

At the final round of Forum’s discussions the President of Ironmakers’ Association Nikolay Izyumkiy and BF Shop Managers came to the unanimous conclusion that blast furnace operators from Yenakiieve Steel are the leaders whom one must look up to.