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METINVEST is going to contribute to the development of Yenakiievo communities

24 February 2012

In Yenakiievo the second stage of the project “Local development focused on a community” has been started. PJSC “Yenakiieve Steel”, METINVEST Group, also takes part in it. The project being introduced in Uglegorsk and Yunokommunarovsk, the towns of Yenakiievo council, is coming into fruition with the support of European Union and United Nations Development Programme.

In the course of the meeting of Local Development Forum held in Yenakiievo, representatives of the small towns’ communities were presented with the letters of guarantee.  Both documents having been signed by General Director of PJSC “Yenakiieve Steel” Aleksandr Podkorytov, confirm project funding in amount of UAH 100 000, on share basis with other participants of the programme.

“METINVEST is always interested in the activities focused on population life quality improvement in the towns of Company presence”, noted Manager on Corporate and Social Responsibility of  PJSC “Yenakiieve Steel”, Svetlana Yudkovskaya,  at the moment of granting the competition participants with the letters of guarantee. “And what is of most importance is that this project engages the most powerful drivers – authorities, business, community and world-famous organizations – which definitely claims for success”.

It’s worth reminding that the project “Local development focused on a community” was launched in Ukraine in 2008. The second stage of the project started in October 2011 and Donetskaya oblast put in 9 applications to take part in it. According to the results of the competition the applications of Uglegorsk and Yunokommunarovsk towns (Yenakiievo administrative units) were selected and METINVEST will earmark funds namely for these towns. The public organisations “Yunkom” and “Uglegorsk Community Development Fund” will implement the projects in the residential areas.

Prerequisite of the competition is shared funding of 3 project partners by the following ratio: 50% – the EU funds (grant), 5% – the funds are to be collected by the community (i.е. local residents), 45% – the funds are to be allocared by the town council. METINVEST participation lies in becoming the fourth programme’s partner expanding financial and organisational opportunities of the project in this way.