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Environmental upgrading

1 February 2012

In the Lime and Refractory Shop (LRS) which belongs to Yenakiievo Iron and Steel Works of Metinvest Group major overhaul of Kiln No.1 electric precipitator, designed for waste gases cleaning, has been finished. The unit was equipped with new efficient and environmentally sound equipment of company «ZWWZ» (Czech Republic).

Similar cleaning systems are installed at the other units of Yenakiievo Iron and Steel Works: cast houses and stock houses of BF No.5 and 3 are fitted with such kind of cleaning systems. French electric precipitators «Spake» installed at other three Kilns of LRW show the same level of efficiency.

– Our aim stated in the Ecologicall Programme of the enterprise is to minimize air emissions, – emphasized Aleksandr Podkorytov, the General Director of PJSC Yenakiievo Steel.- For the past five years we have systematically renewed environmental equipment in RLW. Today three efficiently functioned filters are in operation here and the maximum permissible limit of emissions is 50 mg/t which completely corresponds with environmental legislation of Ukraine. We are planning to achieve the same result with Kiln No.1 electric precipitator.

At present new environmental equipment is in the process of commissioning and testing. The filter will be put in operation in February.