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Metinvest company beautifies Yenakiievo spring-wells

19 October 2011 // Press service PJSC «Yenakiieve Steel»

The international vertically integrated mine and steelmaking group of companies Metinvest started implementation of ecological project “Let’s save the spring-wells for future generations” in Yenakiievo city. The project is aimed at usage of alternative natural resources of potable water and development of efficient water use. It was initiated by Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works within the framework of Metinvest corporate social programme “Healthy environment concerns everyone”. The investments to the project at the preset stage amount to more than UAH 70 th.

A spring-well located at Yenakiievo settlement named after 1905 was chosen as the start object of the project activity. The water spring exists for 54 years and is well-known among the citizens. According to Yenakiieve SES (Sanitary and Epidemiological Station) analysis report the water from this spring is of high potable quality.  

The works for spring-well renovation have been started this spring. During this period the Yenakiieve Steel experts prepared the Design estimate documents, determined the scope of technical and organizational works. In the course of water source renovation the approaches will be repaired and bridges and handrails installed. In addition an open area will be arranged for easy access to the water, and the pipe will be raised and replaced. Furthermore the spring-well will be protected from natural precipitations by a shed. Also the neighboring territory will be landscaped.

Within the framework of spring-well beautification the representatives of Yenakiieve Steel and Ecological and Naturalistic Centre for Young Students have carried out a symbolic laying of a time capsule with a message into the future and a water sample from the renewed spring-well. The message to posterity says: “We wish you that in 100 years the water on Earth remains the same life-spring which is to be preserved and saved!”

“For centuries the clean spring water proved to be a healing against many diseases and contributory to longevity. The saving of health, life and environment is one of the Metinvest values, and now within the limits of this initiative a start is given to “Let’s save the spring-wells for future generation”, one of the most important Metinvest ecological projects”, noted Oleg Solovyov, the HR Director of PJSC “Yenakiieve Steel”. “The Yenakiieve Steel started the renovation of spring-well in early autumn, and already in two weeks this place, that seems to be favored by the citizens, will look different. The scientists assure that water has memory. So let this little water quantity keeps our today kind intentions and serves as a connection with all generation together with this message into future”.    

We should mention that in the nearest five years a renovation of a few more spring-wells of the Yenakiievo region is planned within the framework of “Let’s save the spring-wells for future generation” project.